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JACKON is the best electric car jack in India, provided by Roger Motors. Now get the best car jack online easily.

Usage : JACKON electric car jack is a very useful convenience and passive safety product for jacking up cars for replacing punctured tyre with the touch of fingertip standing at a safe distance.

Features & Benefits :

  • Electrically Operated Jack: Very less efforts needed in changing tyre in case of puncture
  • Chassis Support Design: Top notch of jack very well connects in chassis of the car and lifts it with safety and hence no risk of car getting unjack while changing tyre
  • Easy to Use: Operates on 12V car cigarette lighter socket and comes with remote to lift and lift down jack hence very easy and convenient to jack up the car
  • 2 Ton Capacity: Can easily lift Hatchback, Sedan as well as SUV cars.

Safety Instructions:

  • Keep electric car jackclean for best and safest performance.
  • Locate electric car jackin a suitable work area.
  • Ensure that the vehicle’s engine is switched off while lifting it on electric car jack.
  • Ensure the vehicle handbrake is applied and vehicle is in 1st gear.
  • Ensure all persons who are not involved in wheel changing operation must keep a safe distance while the vehicle is jacked up.
  • Ensure there is no one inside the vehicle which is to be jacked up.
  • Ensure that Electric Jack is in sound condition and good working order. Take action for immediate repair or replacement of damaged parts.
  • DANGER: Do not support the vehicle while it’s on jack.
  • DO NOT allow untrained persons to operate Electric Jack.
  • DO NOT work under the vehicle until axle stands have been correctly positioned.
  • DO NOT use the Electric Jack for any purposes other than purpose which it is intended.

Instructions to use:

  • Park the car on smooth and solid ground and confirm that the emergency brake is applied. Do not park on a slope.
  • Start the engine and insert the plug of the JACKON electric car jackinto the car cigarette lighter socket.
  • The saddle of the JACKON electric car jack should be placed under the car,allowing for a secure metal surface to lift.
  • Block the tires other than the tire being lifted.
  • Do not allow anyone inside the vehicle while using the Jack.Always keep hands, fingers, and feet away from the moving parts of the Jack when applying or releasing a load.
  • Press UP on the remote controller as shown in fig 4. until the car is raised to the appropriate height.
  • Press DOWN as shown in fig 4 on the remote controller to lower the car. Remove the power cord from the cigarette lighter when finished with the job.

Product Specifications :

Product name: JACKON Electric Car Jack

Model Number: RMCL 2.5

Input Voltage: DC 12±3 V

Working current: ≤10A

Rated power: 80W

Lifting Height: 22 CMS

Rising from: 12cm~34cm

Maximum load capacity: 2,000kgs/4400lbs/2 tons

Net weight: 3. 90Kg

Power cord length: 13 Feet

Suitable temperature: -20ºC~60ºC

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