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CUSHPORT LEATHER BEIGE (Multi Support Universal Seat Cover)

3D seat cover can not only meet the psychology of advance-grade fashion, but also the comfort and safety requirements of the middle-aged. The reasonable collaboration of beige and black and the dynamic fashion styling can give you visual enjoyment.

Do you know why in the long car journey you feel fatigued? Because your car seat, do not have proper supports for arm, waistline and neck.

CUSHPORT 3D Seat Cover: 

Driving or travelling for few hours continuously in a car can make you fatigue and you will start feeling tired some, if your seat covers are not providing back, neck, shoulder and arm support properly. When you drive for long hours, you will have some kind of annoying, uncomfortable feelings in your lower back, shoulder and in the neck. Moreover, in the absence of proper air circulation beneath your back, you will also get sweaty and tired. To avoid such condition you need specially designed Seat Cover, which gives proper support to arms, back and neck. With an aim to increase comfort and safety of car users, Roger Techssories recommending a product ‘CUSHPORT 3D Seat Covers’ which is the perfect solution to all those problems.

Why Roger CUSHPORT Seat Cover (Benefits):

  • Provides Lumber Support: It gives support to your back so that spinal column receives fewer burdens and overall it reduces tiredness and fatigue of travelling.
  • Comes with Side Support: CUSHPORT Seat Cover provides support to hold the arms. It also gives support and grasp to arms and body to maintain stability while taking sharp turns.
  • Adjustable Headrest: Headrest is integral with the CUSHPORT seat cover so it will give support to the neck and reduces fatigue of the journey.
  • Universal Seat Cover: CUSHPORT seat covers are of universal size, so you can use it easily in any of your cars.
  • Easy to Fit:It is very easy to install, you can do it yourself easily.
  • Washable:CUSHPORT seat covers are made of washable material so, if anything spills on it or get dirty after long use, you can wash it and reuse it easily.
  • Warrantee on Stitches:Roger gives you one year Warrantee on its stitches.
  • Sporty Design:With its sporty looks, interior of the car looks more attractive with CUSHPORT seat covers.

How It Works (Technicality):

  • This product has design specially to give comfort to human back, neck and arms.
  • Its special design allows for a dynamic, ergonomically sound seated position.
  • It provides consistent support, through changes in posture in the seated position.
  • Integrated headrest with flexibility for adjustment makes this product unique.

How to use this Product (Method):

  • CUSHPORT Seat Covers are the perfect answer to travelling the fatigue problem. It is very easy to install it. It is of universal size so ideal for all types of car seats.
  • CUSHPORT Seat Cover gives you ultimate driving comfort, which increase concentration and increases driving safety, so don’t shut this computer or mobile window after reading it.
  • Order this comfort product online and you will get delivery at your doorstep within a definite time. By using such ultimate comfort products your driving and travelling pleasure & confidence will increase several folds.
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